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GX 2 stage 4500 Psi Compressor



Max. current:25A

Max Working Pressure:320bar/4640psi

Voltage: 110V/220V AC Voltage or 12V Car Battery

Noise level: 75DB         


Working time:≤1h        

Air output:11L/min

Packing size:34*22.5*38.5CM

Moisture filter unit: Sponge filtration

Charging time:500cc tank, from 0 bars to 300 bars need 13-14 mins.

  • Directions for use

Oil-Free & Water-Free & Built-In Fan Cooling for Long Life : Unlike other electric high pressure air pump which needs the standard oil and cooling water when working in the market, this pcp air rifle compressor does not need oil, clean and hygienic, no need for external water pump to cool. This will save you a lot of energy in future using.

Convenient Car 12V DC or Home 110V AC Power Choice : This air compressor can be powered by the 12V car battery , aslo can be powered by the home AC outlet with the extra 110V transformer (included). This will make this pcp air pump more usefull as you can use it anywhere. Pls note this CS2 is manually stop version, if you need setting stop pressure function , pls choose our CS3 version.

Light Weight, Compact Size,Easy to Carry: The net weight is just 6.7 kg.Wherever you go, whenever you need, just take it with you. ATTENTION:Please release the bleed valve first after finishing the inflation, and do not start it when there is still air pressure inside your compressor.

Package: 1 pcs/Carton 

Shipment: By Sea/Air/Land

Free sample: Yes

Customization: LOGO, Color,Appearance