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PCP Manual Pump Supplier

PCP Manual Pump Supplier

The PCP Manual Pump compresses the maximum amount of air from each smooth, consistent stroke. This means fewer strokes and less work filling the airsoft gun. the PCP Manual Pump is easy to carry and is a must-have for every serious PCP airsoft shooter!

PCP Manual Pump Supplier

PCP Manual Pump Supplier

Some of the benefits of using a PCP manual pump

Easy Maintenance - PCP air rifle pumps are easy to maintain. They require regular condensate filter changes and shaft lubrication, but little else.

No Electricity Required - When you're out in the wilderness and there are no electrical outlets available, PCP pumps make it easy to recharge your PCP whenever you need to.

Quiet - The clicking of the pump and whistling of the air won't disturb wildlife or the peace of your neighborhood like a compressor would.

Small and Lightweight - SCUBA cylinders are heavy and require separate packaging, but the PCP air pump fits neatly into your backpack or gun case.

ECONOMICAL - PCP airsoft pumps cost less than even the smallest SCUBA cylinder or compressor.

How to Use the PCP Airsoft Pump to Charge the PCP Airsoft Gun

Connect the fill probe to the end of the pump hose and insert it into the nozzle of the air tank.

Close the air vent valve on the pump.

Use a long, smooth stroke to compress the air and fill the air tank to the desired pressure.

Use your weight, not your arm strength, to depress the pump handle or you may feel exhausted after a few pumps. Depending on the size of the air tank and the required pressure, this may require 25 to 250 pumps.

When the tank reaches the desired capacity, open the vent valve on the pump and remove the fill probe from the tank.

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