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Electric Air Compressor Supplier

Quality Compressed Air System - GuangXing 4500Psi High Pressure Electric Air Compressor.

GuangXing compressor with better performance: 4500PSI/30MPA/300BAR 1800W 110V-220V Auto Stop Air Rifle Compressor for Paintball Air Rifles, PCP Rifles, Air Pistols, Diving Bottles,...

Provides extremely clean and dry compressed air, energy efficient compressors with low environmental impact. Lower noise levels and smaller footprints.

Guangxing air compressors provide compressed air to power air tools and control spray guns. They can be easily connected via a hose to an aerator nozzle or to a compact air tool such as a finishing nail gun or impact wrench. These air compressor sets can be comfortably mounted on a sturdy floor or ground.

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