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PCP Air Compressor High Pressure Pump

PCP Air Compressor High Pressure Pump

Portable electric air compressor is ideal for shooting enthusiasts.

Compact in size and lightweight, it is very easy to transport and operate, safe and reliable.

The pump can be used to fill PCP airsoft paintball cylinders.

The air compressor is designed with a set pressure gauge. It also has a moisture-proof filter, which will be safer. It is also very compact and portable and does not require the addition of oil or circulating cooling water, which reduces the hassle of connecting additional pumps.


Max. current:30A

Max. Working Pressure:400bar/5800psi        

Noise level:65DB           


Working time:≤5h          

Air output:13L/min 

Packing size:36.6*23.6*44CM

Charging time:

500cc tank, from 0 bars to 300 bars need 11-13 mins.

Automatic stop device: Yes

Moisture filtration device: Condensing oil-water separation filtration

Cooling type:water cooling&air cooling

Voltage : 110V/220V AC Voltage or 12V Car Battery

PCP Air Compressor High Pressure Pump

Wide range of applications

Adjustable pressure gauge, bleeder valve, rupture disc and fuse make the paintball compressor safer. Designed with portable handle, easy for you to carry and store. Suitable for PCP air rifles, paintball tanks, air pistols, PCP air guns, mini dive bottles and so on.

Home or Car Battery

The Portable Air Compressor can be powered directly from an outdoor 12V car battery or a 110V/220V outlet at home. It is very convenient to fill PCP air guns or paintball tanks anywhere.

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