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Vehicle-mounted compressor

Vehicle Mounted Compressor

The Guangxing High Output Air Compressor is the most popular product in our range, made entirely from lightweight, high-grade materials and available in portable and vehicle configurations. This compressor features best-in-class flow rates, fast tyre inflation and a range of other features designed for both work and play. The in-car kit comes complete with a full wiring harness and mounting hardware for easy installation, while the portable kit includes a 6m air hose, battery clip, inflation kit and durable carrying case.


Sealed against moisture and dust

Hard anodised cylinder bores to reduce friction

High quality components for quiet operation and long life

Made entirely of lightweight, high-strength engineering grade materials

Motor has internal thermal protection to prevent damage from extreme temperatures

Heavy duty, large fuses for professional in-line circuit protection

Advantages of a vehicle-mounted compressor include:

Portability: It allows the user to bring the compressor to the job site, increasing flexibility and reducing the need for additional equipment.

Increased Efficiency: A vehicle-mounted compressor can be powered by the vehicle's engine, reducing the need for a separate power source.

Increased Productivity: Having a compressor on-site reduces the need for time-consuming trips to refill air tanks, increasing productivity.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: A vehicle-mounted compressor is typically built for rough use and can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

Multifunctionality: A vehicle-mounted compressor can be used for a variety of tasks such as inflating tires, powering pneumatic tools, and more.

Applications of a vehicle-mounted compressor include:

Construction: Used for powering pneumatic tools such as jackhammers, nail guns, and impact wrenches.

Emergency Services: Used to inflate flat tires or to power air tools in rescue operations.

Agriculture: Used to inflate tires on tractors and other heavy machinery.

Mining: Used to power pneumatic tools used in drilling and excavation operations.

HVAC: Used to power pneumatic tools used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning work.

Manufacturing: Used for powering pneumatic tools and for inflating tires on mobile equipment.

Transportation: Used for inflating tires on trucks and other commercial vehicles.

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