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Stirrup Pump Manufacturer

A stirrup pump is a manually operated hand pump used to generate compressed air for filling the air reservoir of various devices, such as airguns or pneumatic tools. The pump gets its name from its design, which often includes a footplate or stirrup that the user steps on to compress the air. Here's more information about stirrup pumps:

Function and Features

Manual Operation: A stirrup pump is operated by the user manually pumping a handle or lever. This action compresses air within the pump, which is then directed into the air reservoir of the target device.

Footplate or Stirrup: The distinguishing feature of a stirrup pump is the presence of a footplate or stirrup at the base of the pump. The user places their foot on the stirrup and pushes down, driving the pumping mechanism and compressing the air.

Pressure Generation: The pumping action forces air through an internal mechanism that compresses the air to a higher pressure. This pressurized air is then used to charge the air reservoir of the target device.

Pressure Gauge: Many stirrup pumps include an integrated pressure gauge that provides real-time readings of the generated air pressure. This helps users monitor and control the pressure level during pumping.

Portability: Stirrup pumps are often designed to be relatively lightweight and portable, making them suitable for field use, outdoor activities, and situations where electrical or larger pneumatic systems are unavailable.

Durability: These pumps are built with durability in mind, using materials that can withstand the repeated pressure and mechanical stress of manual pumping.


Airgun Charging: One of the primary applications of a stirrup pump is to charge the air reservoirs of airguns, including pellet rifles and air pistols. Airgun enthusiasts and shooters can use stirrup pumps to manually fill their airguns with compressed air for accurate shooting.

Target Shooting: Stirrup pumps are often used by target shooters who require a portable and self-contained solution for charging their airguns while practicing or participating in shooting competitions.

Remote Locations: In situations where access to electricity or larger air compressors is limited or unavailable, stirrup pumps offer a practical option for generating compressed air on-site.

Backup Option: Stirrup pumps can serve as a backup option in case the primary air source, such as pre-filled air tanks or compressors, becomes unavailable or runs out of air.

Field Sports: Outdoor enthusiasts engaged in field sports like hunting or pest control can use stirrup pumps to keep their airguns charged and ready for accurate shots.

Emergency Situations: Stirrup pumps can be used in emergency scenarios where a pneumatic device, such as an emergency flotation device or signaling device, requires a source of compressed air.