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GX-E-1 High Pressure Pneumatic Pump


Max current: 220V-4.5A/110V-9A     


Max pressure:496bar/7200psi

Weight:32 KGS

Working time:≤8h

Power supply: 110V 60HZ / 220V 50HZ          

Noise level:65-70DB        

Air output: 18 L/min

Packing size:63*38*61CM

Automatic stop device: Yes

Charging time:

500cc Tank: from 0 bar to 300 bar need 8-9mins

Cooling system: Air cooling system & 

                         Water cooling systerm

Moisture filtration device: Desiccant filtration

  • Directions for use

High Pressure Pneumatic Pump

A high-pressure pneumatic pump is a device designed to generate and deliver pressurized air at elevated levels for various industrial, commercial, and research applications. These pumps are used to produce compressed air at pressures higher than atmospheric pressure. 

GX-E-1 High Pressure Pneumatic Pump

Function and Features

Air Compression: A high-pressure pneumatic pump works by using mechanical means to compress and elevate the pressure of air or gas. This pressurized air can then be used for a variety of tasks and processes.

Piston or Diaphragm Design: High-pressure pneumatic pumps often use either piston or diaphragm mechanisms to compress the air. These mechanisms help create the necessary pressure difference for air compression.

Pressure Regulation: Many high-pressure pneumatic pumps are equipped with pressure regulators that allow users to control and adjust the output pressure according to the requirements of the specific application.

Built-in Safety Features: Safety measures, such as pressure relief valves and automatic shut-off systems, are commonly integrated into these pumps to prevent over-pressurization and ensure user safety.

Pressure Gauges: High-pressure pneumatic pumps usually include pressure gauges that provide real-time readings of the generated air pressure. This helps users monitor and maintain the desired pressure level.

Cooling Systems: Due to the heat generated during the compression process, some pumps incorporate cooling systems to prevent overheating and ensure continuous operation.


Airgun compressors are widely used to fill the air reservoirs of various types of airguns, including pellet rifles and air pistols. These compressors play a crucial role in ensuring that airgun enthusiasts and sports shooters have a reliable source of compressed air to maintain their equipment's optimal performance. Here are some common applications of airgun compressors:

Airgun Filling: The primary application of airgun compressors is to fill the air reservoirs of airguns with pressurized air. This process provides the airgun with the necessary power to propel pellets or projectiles with accuracy and force.

Target Shooting: Airgun enthusiasts engage in target shooting for sport and recreation. An airgun compressor allows them to maintain the consistent air pressure needed for precise shooting and accurate hits on targets.

Competitive Shooting: In competitive shooting events, where accuracy and consistency are essential, airgun compressors are vital for ensuring that the airguns are consistently charged to the desired pressure level.

Hunting: Some airguns are used for small game hunting. Airgun compressors enable hunters to maintain the necessary air pressure to ensure humane and accurate shots.

Field Use: Airgun compressors designed for portability are used in field settings, such as shooting ranges or outdoor shooting competitions. These portable compressors allow shooters to refill their airguns on-site.

Maintenance: Regularly filling the airgun's reservoir using a compressor helps maintain the rifle's performance over time. A consistent air pressure level contributes to accuracy and minimizes variations in shot trajectory.

Safety: Airgun compressors ensure that airguns are operated at safe and controlled pressure levels, preventing over-pressurization that could lead to damage or accidents.

Versatility: Airgun compressors can be used to charge various types of airguns, from entry-level models to high-end precision rifles. This versatility caters to shooters of different skill levels and preferences.

Customization: Some shooters prefer to fine-tune the air pressure in their airguns for specific shooting scenarios or pellet types. An airgun compressor enables them to customize the pressure to their liking.

Airsoft and Paintball: While primarily associated with pellet-based airguns, airgun compressors can also be used for filling airsoft and paintball markers, which also rely on compressed air for propulsion.

Package: 1 pcs/Carton 

Shipment: By Sea/Air/Land

Free sample: Yes

Customization: LOGO, Color,Appearance