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GX-H-M6 High Pressure Stirrup Pump

Lenght:625mm (Closed)-1050mm (Opened)


Max.Pressure:300 bar/4350psi

Folding Base Plate

Pump could continuously use more than 2 hours(Based on 200BAR)

Output nut:M10*1,Quick connector:8mm

Pump Color:Camouflage,Black,Silver

  • Directions for use

High Pressure Stirrup Pump

A High Pressure Stirrup Pump (also known as a HPStir Pump) is a type of pump that uses a reciprocating motion to generate high-pressure fluid flow. This pump design is typically used for high-pressure applications such as water jet cutting, hydrodemolition, and high-pressure washing. The pump works by using a stirrup-shaped piston that moves back and forth inside a cylinder, creating pressure and flow as it alternates between the intake and discharge ports. High Pressure Stirrup Pumps can deliver high flow rates and pressure outputs, making them useful for various industrial and commercial applications.


Durable, smooth movement with smooth stainless steel construction for smooth up and down movement; an 8 mm copper female quick coupling allows the pump to withstand over 10,000 tears and abrasions.

Safe high pressure, high pressure up to 4350psi; sealed copper female connector ensures leak-free performance; your safety is guaranteed with superior quality.

Wide range of applications, compatible with most PCP pistols, rifles and airguns; ideal for car tyres, motorbike tyres, bicycle tyres, inflatable kayaks, inflatable balls and more.

Ergonomic design with built-in oil and water separator for easy handling; TPR padded grip for a fatigue-free feel and large size for easy-to-read parameters.

Compact and foldable for easy storage, removable and foldable treads for easy storage and transport, perfect for carrying around in your vehicle for emergencies.

Why is the GX M6 High Pressure Stirrup Pump different from the competition?

The more energy-efficient three-stage PCP hand pump: this pump has a completely new design compared to the other model GX-H4. You can save a lot of energy on every stroke. This also means that the same tank needs to be filled more than the H4 model. Test filling: 420 fills are required for a 500cc tank from 1000psi to 3000psi; 180 fills are required for a 200cc tank from 1000psi to 3000psi.

Durable quality and long-lasting performance: with a high quality stainless steel pump body and rubber handle, the wide and robust base plate ensures a more stable and long-lasting service life. It can withstand more than 15,000 tears and abrasions. You can use the pump continuously for more than 2 hours at a pressure of 200 bar.

External oil and moisture filter: with a new filter design that filters out more than 90% of the water. When the blue desiccant has absorbed enough moisture and turned red, it can be poured out to dry according to the operating instructions. Note: This filter can only be used for pcp filling. If you are filling scuba diving cylinders, we recommend that you purchase a new breathing filter.

Specifications: Universal output nut: M10*1 (not G1/8), 8mm wide using quick coupling, max pressure: 310 bar or 4500 psi, light weight 2.7 kg, portable size: length 62cm/24.5inch closed, 105cm/41.3inch open

What you get: GX PCP manual pump, user manual, accessory kit and 18 months worry-free warranty. (In case of failure, replacement or refund, please feel free to send us an email).

Package: 5 pcs/Carton 

Shipment: By Sea/Air/Land

Free sample: Yes

Customization: LOGO, Color

GX-H-M6 High Pressure Stirrup Pump