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GX-E-CS4 5800psi Portable Compressor



Max. current:30A

Max. Working Pressure:400bar/5800psi        

Noise level:65DB           


Working time:≤5h          

Air output:13L/min 

Packing size:36.6*23.6*44CM

Charging time:

500cc tank, from 0 bars to 300 bars need 11-13 mins.

Automatic stop device: Yes

Moisture filtration device: Condensing oil-water separation filtration

Cooling type:water cooling&air cooling

Voltage : 110V/220V AC Voltage or 12V Car Battery

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5800PSI Portable Compressor

A 5800 PSI portable compressor is a high-pressure air compressor that is capable of producing a maximum pressure of 5800 pounds per square inch (PSI). These types of compressors are typically used in industrial and commercial applications where high-pressure air is required, such as powering pneumatic tools, filling high-pressure cylinders, or supplying air to machinery.

Portable compressors offer the advantage of mobility, allowing them to be easily transported and used in different locations. They are often used in construction sites, automotive repair shops, and manufacturing facilities where a stationary compressor may not be feasible or convenient.


High Pressure Output: The compressor is designed to deliver a maximum pressure of 5800 PSI, allowing for applications that require high-pressure air.

Portability: These compressors are typically designed to be portable, featuring wheels, handles, or compact designs for easy transportation between job sites or locations.

Power Source: Portable compressors can be powered by different means, including gasoline engines, diesel engines, or electric motors. The choice of power source depends on the specific model and application requirements.

Tank Capacity: The compressor may have a storage tank that holds compressed air. The tank capacity can vary, and larger tanks allow for longer operating times without the need for continuous compression.

CFM Rating: CFM (cubic feet per minute) indicates the volume of air delivered by the compressor. It's important to consider the CFM rating to ensure it meets the requirements of the tools or equipment you plan to operate.

Pressure Regulator: A pressure regulator allows you to adjust and control the output pressure of the compressor according to your specific needs.

Safety Features: Compressors often come with safety features such as pressure relief valves, automatic shut-off mechanisms, and thermal overload protection to prevent over-pressurization and ensure safe operation.

Noise Reduction: Some compressors are equipped with noise-reducing features, such as insulated components or sound-dampening materials, to minimize noise levels during operation.

Gauges and Controls: Compressors usually have pressure gauges that display the output pressure and sometimes additional gauges for monitoring tank pressure. They may also have controls for starting, stopping, and adjusting the compressor's operation.

Accessory Compatibility: Depending on the model, the compressor may have ports or connections to accommodate various accessories, such as hoses, couplers, and fittings, allowing for versatile applications.


Industrial and Manufacturing: These compressors are often used in industrial settings for powering pneumatic tools like impact wrenches, nail guns, paint sprayers, and sandblasters. They provide the high-pressure air needed for efficient operation.

Construction: Portable compressors are commonly found on construction sites where they power pneumatic tools for tasks such as drilling, cutting, and fastening. They are also used for inflating tires on heavy machinery and vehicles.

Automotive Repair: In automotive repair shops, a high-pressure compressor can be used for tasks like operating pneumatic lifts, powering impact wrenches, inflating tires, and running pneumatic tools for repairs and maintenance.

Oil and Gas Industry: Portable compressors find applications in the oil and gas industry, such as supplying high-pressure air for wellhead control systems, powering pneumatic valves, or driving pneumatic machinery on drilling rigs.

Paintball and Airsoft: Compressed air is commonly used as a propellant in paintball and airsoft guns. A portable compressor can provide the high-pressure air needed to fill air tanks or cartridges used in these recreational activities.

Scuba Diving: Some portable compressors are specifically designed for scuba diving applications. They can fill high-pressure air tanks used by divers for breathing underwater.

Fire and Rescue Services: Portable compressors may be used by fire departments and rescue services for filling breathing apparatus cylinders used by firefighters or providing air supply to pneumatic rescue tools like hydraulic spreaders and cutters.

Manufacturing and Testing: In manufacturing facilities, a high-pressure compressor can be used for product testing, leak testing, pressure testing, and other quality control applications that require precise and controlled high-pressure air.

Package: 1 pcs/Carton 

Shipment: By Sea/Air/Land

Free sample: Yes

Customization: LOGO, Color,Appearance