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GX-E-4 4500 Psi Air Compressor



Max current: 220V-6A/ 110V-12A

Max pressure:496bar/7200psi

Power supply: 110V 60HZ / 220V 50HZ

Working time:≤8h

Noise level:65-70DB            

Air output: 36 L/min

Packing size:71*35*63CM

Automatic stop device: Yes

Charging time:500cc Tank: from 0 bar to 300 bar need 4-5mins

Moisture filtration device: Desiccant filtration

Cooling system: Air cooling system、Water cooling systerm&Automatic drainage system

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4500 Psi Air Compressor

A 4500 PSI air compressor is a high-pressure compressor capable of producing compressed air at a pressure of 4500 pounds per square inch. This type of air compressor is commonly used in industrial applications and for high-pressure air tools, such as sandblasting, water jet cutting, and paint spraying.

A welcome addition to the PCP airgunner's kit. Currently, PCP owners must rely on their local fire service and SCUBA shops to refill their air tanks. The new air compressor allows users to refill their air tanks in the convenience of their own home in as little as 10 minutes.


Adjustable automatic shut-off

Pressures up to 4500 PSI

Filling rate 25% faster than previous models

Less maintenance, no intermittent lubrication required

Integrated LED light on the bottom of the unit for low light use

Capable of being powered by 110V or 220V outlets or 12V car batteries

Power supply for electrical outlets built into the unit

Compressor including carrying handle

Fan cooling

Crossover cable included

Package: 1 pcs/Carton 

Shipment: By Sea/Air/Land

Free sample: Yes

Customization: LOGO, Color,Appearance


The filtering device for high pressure air compressors is an oil and water separator. The pump discharges clean air and is ideally suited for diving tanks, PCP air guns, paintball cans, reservoirs, air guns, fire fighting and other high pressure activities.

GX-E-4 4500 Psi Air Compressor

Features of a 4500 Psi Air Compressor

A 4500 Psi Air Compressor typically has a motor that powers a piston or a screw compressor to compress air to the desired pressure. It also has a tank to store compressed air and a regulator to control the pressure. Some 4500 Psi Air Compressors are portable and can be easily transported, while others are stationary and can be used in a fixed location.

Benefits of a 4500 Psi Air Compressor

Using a 4500 Psi Air Compressor has several benefits. For one, it allows for the efficient and reliable production of high-pressure air, which is essential in many industries. Additionally, a 4500 Psi Air Compressor can help reduce the cost and waste associated with using disposable air canisters.

How to Choose a 4500 Psi Air Compressor

When choosing a 4500 Psi Air Compressor, it's important to consider several factors, such as the intended use, the required pressure, and the amount of air needed. Additionally, you should consider the quality and durability of the compressor, as well as its ease of use and maintenance.