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Use method of positive pressure fire breathing apparatus

Jul. 29, 2021

(1) Check the cylinder pressure and system air tightness. Turn the bottle valve handwheel counterclockwise at least 2 times. If gas is found to flow out of the supply valve, press the throttle switch and the flow should stop. Detect the alarm and check that the cylinder straps are tightened.

(2) Place the bottom of the cylinder towards yourself and then unfold the shoulder straps and place them on each side of the cylinder. Hold both sides of the camp with both hands and raise the respirator above your head. At the same time, the inner side is close to the body and the body is slightly forward, so that the inhaler naturally slides on the back. At the same time, ensure that the shoulder strap ring slides down the arm on the shoulder T. Then, stand up straight and pull the straps down. Position your respirator comfortably to give weight to your hips.

(3) Insert the male waist buckle of the shoulder strap into the female's waist and pull the outstretched ends on both sides of the belt sideways and back at the same time to tighten the belt. Check mask assembly, put on mask, check mask tightness.

(4) Open the bottle valve and turn the handwheel of the bottle valve counterclockwise for at least 2 turns. Install air supply valve and check breathing performance of respirator. It can be put into use after being checked and correctly applied.

(5) After use, remove the mask, close the air supply valve, press the recess in the middle of the buckle with thumb and forefinger, gently press the buckle, and then separate the buckle. Hook the buckle ring with both hands and lift it upward to relax the shoulder strap, then remove the time device from the front back, turn the handwheel between bottles clockwise, and close the bottle valve.

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