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GX-E-CS3-I Portable Compressor, 4500 PSI



Max. current:28A

Max. Working Pressure:320bar/4640psi

Noise level: 72DB                 


Working time:≤1h                 

Air output:11L/min

Packing size:31*21*38CM

Automatic stop device: Yes

Moisture filtration device: Condensing oil-water 、separation filtration

Charging time:500cc tank, from 0 bars to 300 bars need 13-14 mins.

Voltage: 110V/220V AC Voltage or 12V Car Battery

  • Directions for use

GX-E-CS3-I gives you an easy way to fill your high pressure PCP airguns without having to rely on bottles that you need to fill before you leave or hand pumps that give you a workout. You'll get features that let you use this compact and portable compressor whichever way is best for you.   

You'll appreciate this compressor's focus on cutting down on maintenance because it doesn't require oil that needs to be changed or added.     It also gives you extended run times because it uses a thermal dissipation system with high flow fans that cool the whole unit and all internal components.   

The CS3-I lets you use it either in a building or on the go because it works off of power from a regular 110V/220V outlet as well as 12V from a car battery, and it comes with jumper cables that wrap on a cord winder on the back of the unit. Plus, it has a carrying handle on top for easy portability, and the included fill hose also stores on the outside of the same cord winder for the cables.   

You'll enjoy the adjustable auto shutoff that lets you set a pressure up to 4500 psi and have the compressor stop filling when it reaches that pressure, and the built in water separator and moisture filter that give you air that's better for your gun.     If you're looking for a durable and convenient compressor that meets the needs of today's high pressure airguns whether you're at home or on a hunt, get the GX-E-CS3-I at Airgun Depot now.

Package: 1 pcs/Carton 

Shipment: By Sea/Air/Land

Free sample: Yes

Customization: LOGO, Color,Appearance